We hope you find something of interest here on the Crawford Family Web Site, but if you don’t, then add something of your own that others may be interested in.  That way, everyone should find something they the enjoy, something that they didn’t know, or something that they would like to talk about.  Got some great photos?  Add them to the site.  Maybe you have a question about  Crawford history, or about other families that have contributed to the current crop of Crawfords.  Family names such as Cassler, the Matriarch’s famiy, or Freeman, the Patriarch’s mother’s family.  Maybe you have a question or concern that has nothing to do with the family, but you want some input on it anyway.  Ask away.  Maybe none of us will have the answer, but we can sure try to get it for you. 

For those who may be interested in the Patriarch’s Navy career, here is a link to the website that I built:  www.usshymandd732snipes.wordpress.com/home.  

Enjoy both sites, and come back often.



  1. Alan Stone says:

    I found on MyHeritage.com that you have Anna Shumway listed in your Crawford family tree. She and her husband, Joseph Stone are my great grandparents. I’m trying to find any information I can on Joseph (born 1789). He seems to be a mystery so if you can provide any clues to his history I would really appreciate it. Please feel welcome to email us at stonecreatives@mac.com. Thank you.

  2. Sorry Alan, I don’t know who Anna Shumway is. If you could tell me where she is located on the Crawford tree, maybe I could help. Please advise. Thank you Willard “Jim” Crawford

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