During the 1970’s, the boys and I did a lot of dirt biking out at the old homestead in Ridgecrest, Ca. Scott had a Yamaha, Tim’s first dirt bike was a Honda 125, then he got a Yamaha, Ed had a Hodaka and then a Kawasaki, my honey had a 90cc Honda, and I had a Kawasaki, and then a Yamaha. I don’t think Ed was too much into racing and enduros, but Scott, Tim and I were pretty much into them and competed often. Scott stayed with dirt bikes longer then any of us. Later on, I competed in enduros with a Kawasaki 250 Quad. Our best race was State line to Vegas, in which all three of us won our respective classes, plus we won the Family class. Thanks to “Mom” and Ed, who provided pit stop support with gas and liquid refreshments, we hauled 4 beautiful trophies away from Las Vegas that weekend. My honey only rode in one enduro, but she completed the course in good time and received a Finishers pin. (See photo below.) If any of you guys have dirt bike photos that aren’t on the site, email then to me, and I’ll add them. And notice our cool 1967 Dodge Charger in the background in the photo showing the four of us in street clothes. I sold it for $800. Today it’s probably worth $50,000. (Restored)
Photos Below: Top Left:  Scott in a Desert Race.  Top Right: Dad in an enduro.  Bottom Letf: Tim on his Honda 125cc.  Bottom Right: Scott in an Enduro.

Below Left: Mom and Dad pitting for Scott in a California City Grand Prix.  Grandma and Grandpa were also at this race with us.  Lower Right: Ed on his Hodaka and Tim on his Honda 125.  Below Middle: My Honey on her mini-bike with no engine.  The engine was lost one day when she went blasting up the side of a mountain at full throttle.  The engine blew up, and landed in the desert someplace.  We never found it, but she still liked to pedal the bike around with her feet. 


Below: Tim and Scott with some of their trophies.  Lower left: My honey showing off her Enduro Finisher’s pin.  Lower right:  All four members of team Crawford.  Bottom:  Dad, Tim and Scott on their bikes with trophies.



  1. Scott says:

    Actually it was Ed who had the Hodaka. My first bike was a Yamaha. Lol. What great times those were. It really ticks me off my ex destroyed all my stuff. I had tons of articles and pics.

  2. JUNIOR says:

    Oklay, I fixed it. I was just thinking, and it’s very difficult because thinking always makes my head hurt, wasn’t your first bike a Wambat? Or maybe Combat Wambat or something? I remember that Tim and I had to leave you at the start line once on an enduro because it was a piece of crap, or something.

    • Scott says:

      The Combat Wombat was the Hodaka that Ed had. My first one was a red yamaha 60 i think that had the headlights and blinkers removed. Never raced that one I don’t think. I then got a gray Yamaha 80cc which I raced a motocross event or two. Not sure if I raced that one in an Enduro or not cuz I was too big for it. I think I then got a 100cc (or 125cc cant remember) Suzuki and it was trash and that might have been the problem child. In 1976 for LV, I raced a Honda CR125 that was not a good Enduro bike because of no low end but raced it many times. in 77 I bought my first Yamaha IT175 and then again in 1980 until I went into the Navy. After the Navy I got a 1986 Yamaha IT200 then went from there. Miss those glory days. Can’ believe I would be almost in the Super Senior class now. Geeez

  3. Tim says:

    I like the Powell Challenger (circa 1971) with no motor.

    • JUNIOR says:

      Okay, that went over my head. What’s a Powell Challenger, and why do you like it with no motor? Dad

      • JUNIOR says:

        Okay, now I get it. I forgot about the mom on the mini-Bike photo, and didn’t even notice that it didn’t have a motor until I looked again. And now that you mention it, I do remember that it was a Powell Challenger. How did you remember that? I thought your memory was as bad as mine. Later. Dad

  4. Verne Sundquist says:

    I have been trying to find Tim for over 20 years ! Please tell him to call me 928-710-9635. Thank you !

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