Our main purpose for creating the Crawford Family site is to help bring family members closer together by providing a central family information source.  Anything that may be of interest to any other family member, can be posted to this site by any member of the Crawford family.  Items that may be of interest include photographs, family member current events, family news  bulletins, writings by family members about topics such as “What we did on vacation,” “What I’m learning about in school,” “My hobby or hobbies,” Crawford family history, “My pet,” anything that other family members may be interested in.  In the future, we intend to be able to display family videos on the site.  We are always open for suggestions on how to make the site more useful and benificial for family members, so let us know what you want.  

     For identification purposes, I will sign my entries as “Patriarch,” and my honey’s entries will be signed “Matriarch.”  This will eliminate the cumbersome Willard/Jim/Dad/Grandpa/etc.  identification.  Enjoy.  Patriarch and Matriarch.